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Learn how to make homemade sex toys to make your sex life sizzle at the spur of the moment!

Sexual urges can spring upon you at any time.  What happens when you’re in a frisky mood, you don’t have a sex partner around and you don’t have a handy sex toy to play with?

For instance, what if you’re spending an evening alone, watching a romantic movie, or perhaps you see a super-sexy Spanish tennis player dashing across the court on TV… and suddenly you’re squirming in your seat, ready for action.  What do you do?

Grab a banana?  Fill up a water balloon?

You bet!  Find out how bananas and water balloons can be the perfect homemade sex toys!

Here a list of the best homemade sex toys that you will bring you ripples of pleasure at a moment’s notice.  You can find these ordinary objects around the house, so chances are you already have tons of potential sex toys at your fingertips at any given moment – and you didn’t even know it!

We’ll discuss the two main ways that homemade sex toys are used for instant gratification: inserting and rubbing. Therefore this list will be divided into things you can put inside of you and things that you can rub against yourself.

Things you can put inside of you

If you look around your house, you may be surprised to realize just how many things are the right shape and size to emulate a penis and fit wonderfully inside your vagina.  Basically you are looking for objects that are rounded at one end, have a long handle that you can hold onto, and don’t have any sharp or pointy protuberances that may get in the way or cause you pain.

So what kind of objects are you looking for?


You will find some of the best items for inserting by looking in the fridge!

The world of organic fruit and vegetables has a lot to offer for those who need a quick homemade sex toy.  Carrots, cucumbers, bananas, zucchinis – all of these fresh fruits and veg are the right size and shape to fit comfortably in your vagina.

Sound weird?  It’s not, really.  You’d probably be surprised how many people have gotten kinky with their produce!

Remember to always practice safe sex, whether you are with a partner or having solo sex.  When it comes to homemade sex toys, use common sense.  If you are going to insert fruit or veg inside of yourself, choose organic.  Non-organic fruits and veg will contain pesticides.  Your genital area is very sensitive and deserves royal treatment, so don’t put yourself at risk for infections!

Secret Uses for Ordinary Things

If you don’t have the right fruit or vegetable on hand, try rummaging around in your toolbox, desk drawer or kitchen cupboards.  In those places, you will find a host of handy tools and utensils that are just the right size and shape to function as a makeshift dildo.  There are all kinds of things that you can use.  Here is a list to get you started!

  • handle of screwdriver
  • long tapered candle
  • drum stick
  • handle of hairbrush
  • handle of Venus razor
  • Magic Marker
  • fat pen
  • ice cream scoop
  • other kitchen utensils
  • handle of paintbrush
  • super-absorbent tampon applicator
  • … and more!


You see, the list really is as unlimited as your imagination.  Once you know what to look for, you’ll be seeing makeshift dildos everywhere!

Remember to be on the safe side when inserting anything into your vagina.  Make sure it is sterile, clean and non-toxic.  For extra protection against potential germs and bacteria, put a condom on your lucky item of choice.  There’s no chance you’ll get pregnant from humping the handle of a hairbrush, but there is a chance you could get an infection.

Also, use lubricant if you need to make the process go more smoothly.  And whatever you choose to use, make sure that it is easily removable.  You don’t want anything to get stuck up there, because that would mean an embarrassing trip to the emergency room!

Things that you can rub against yourself

Aside from inserting things inside of yourself, another great way to use homemade sex toys is to find something to rub against your genitals to bring you to orgasm.  If clitoral orgasms are easier for you to achieve than g-spot orgasms, then this may be the way to go!

Here is a fun list of instant homemade sex toys that can drive you into a frenzy:

  • scrunch a pillow between your legs and ride to your heart’s content
  • rub yourself with a half-filled water balloon, or place it on a pillow and go for a ride
  • rub your genitals with ice for a shocking effect (you can also insert the ice cube)
  • sit on a tennis ball and ride back and forth
  • ride back and forth on a balled-up sock
  • roll up a blanket or silk sheets and pass them between your legs
  • use a stuffed animal with plastic nose, which you put into your clit and rub


Don’t forget the furniture!

You can also grind against the rail of a stairway, the edge of a table, the corner of a mattress, the side of a door, or the armrest of a chair or couch.  Why not try them all?

Last, but not least, many women reach orgasm by stimulating themselves with a detachable shower head.  Let a continuous stream of water rush against your clit and see what happens!

Homemade sex toys are all the rage – perfect for a quick fix.  Homemade sex toys allow you to satisfy your sexual urges using ordinary objects, and no one will be the wiser!

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